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Fractals in Everyday Life

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The word fractal may sound scary, but in reality it is a word we should all be familiar with, as they are everywhere around us. Fractals, in the simplest of terms, are never ending patterns that are produced by repeating a process repeatedly. Fractals can be seen in various pictures, works of art, parts of the body, nature and more. They are simple to create, yet produce complex, intricate designs that are quite stunning. From the intricate pattern of blood vessels to computer generated photos, fractals can be applied to all we see and used to create amazing images.

To better understand fractals picture a shape, like a box, being slightly altered (say by removing a side), then duplicate the process, continually removing a line each time across a page. That is what a fractal is and how it is created at its base. There are literally thousands of ways to make fractals and each results in unique works of art that are symmetrical, yet multi-dimensional. Using fractals we can make objects, study certain areas of science, create technology and more. As the Math Form shows us, fractals like Pascals Triangle, which is seen mostly in Algebra, can be applied to areas other than math. Although fractals start off as lines and boxes, the end result is usually something quite different.

Andrew Hoyer explains in an article how various fractal designs are created. The Sierpinski Carpet, for example, is made by: “by dividing the original shape into 9 squares then removing the center square. This process is then repeated recursively for the other 8 squares.” Eventually, if you were to continue the process the whole page would be filled and appear white. Such a pattern can be seen in various architectural designs, computer and video game imagery and certain technological objects. AS Hoyer illustrates, fractal designs, such as the Koch Curve or H-Tree can make images that look anything but squared in nature and can therefore be used in any type of design.

Fractals can be used in our everyday life to improve and enhance our creations. Hoyer’s H-Tree, for example, is a fractal that can be used in the field of technology, as it’s shape can be applied to building antennae. This helps make new antennae thinner, slimmer and lighter in weight, which can be particularly useful when dealing with objects such as smartphones and laptops, which need tiny antennae to produce quality sound.

Fractals can also be extremely helpful in the field is science and medicine. As we touched on earlier, fractals can create and be seen in our blood vessels and pathways. By studying these patterns doctors may be able to come up with artificial grafts to help someone who is sick or find a deficiency or abnormality and correct it. Fractals can also be used to make and fine tune bio-sensor and other medical tools as well. Artificial limbs can be better enhance using fractals as well, as fractals can illustrate and teach doctors about fluid mechanics.

In addition to advances in technology and medicine fractals can be used in out everyday lives to create pictures that delight and entertain us. Fractals are both practical and pleasing to the eye. They create stunning visual effects that are fascinating and teach us about the beauty of math at the same time. Look up at the sky, at the beautiful clouds or admire a tree and you are appreciating the beauty that is fractals.

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Math and Web Design

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Moth of us have a love/hate relationship with mathematics: we love what it can do, but we hate learning and using it. That is because math is viewed as an extremely technical, complicated process that many are intimidated by.  In reality it is actually a beautiful tool that helps us create some amazing things. Yes, it is technical in nature, but in application it can be both artistic and creative. This is especially true when it comes to math and web design. The two, when combined, allow for truly inspiring creations that would not be possible otherwise.

When you think of math, like most people, you probably think in terms of formulas and other mathematical applications, like division or addition. However, if you take a step back and look at math in terms of what those formulas produce, you will see that math is touched by art in every aspect. Look at the angles, degrees and shapes that is math and you will see art. You may not realize it, but every artistic piece you see has a mathematical base It is the equations that compromise mathematics that help us to create designs of all styles, particularly web designs. Adit Gupta, who wrote a piece on the relationship between math and web design, explained this theory with a quote from Aristotle: “The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful.”

Web design is largely comprised of layouts, making things such as symmetry and order a crucial part of the process. so it is easy to see the connection in those terms. Every web page you see is made up of multiple parts that are combined to make a page that may look unique and chaotic but is actually precise and controlled. If a web design was truly just thrown together without lining up edges or being balanced it would really look disordered and not as beautiful. Math makes it possible for a web designers visions to come to life. It may seem contradictory and in many ways the relationship is, but math spurs creativity instead of stifling it as many believe. As Gupta says in his article, math has been a part of design for centuries,as it plays a major role in architecture.

In the case of web design math is the backbone of what users will experience when they click on a page. Web design is another form of architecture, so the correlation is easy to see. Daan Weijers, who wrote an article on how web design uses math, showed how ratios, such as the Golden Ratio, make up the bulk of web design. The Golden Ratio (phi) is ideal for use in design and is seen in thousands of layouts as when it is applied to a rectangle it created the Golden Rectangle, which can be duplicated repeatedly. This is the design we often seen used in photo galleries, as it allows for symmetrical boxes to display images. this ratio can be applied to the whole page and in various sections, imparting a feeling of balance. Weijer’s example illustrates perfectly that math is everywhere in web design and has been for some time.

Those with an aversion to math in the field of web design will be able to further the artistic side of their work. It is not necessary t know every ratio and equation, rather all that is needed is to understand their practical application and how to use them. Once the notion that math and art work together is embraced it will open up numerous possibilities and give you a new perspective in how to design. Math and creativity are not mutually exclusive: they go hand in hand. Apart each can function quite well, but it is only when they are combined that their true limits are reached.

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Becoming a Web Designer

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Web design is an extensive career field with many options for those in the major. Companies and individuals are constantly seeking to have the perfect website, but many can’t do it on their own. This causes them to hire a professional web designer to help them achieve their goal.

Web designers, or developers, are responsible for giving clients a visually appealing site with user-friendly features and easy navigation. With the growth of technology and the ever growing vastness of the Internet, the possibilities for upcoming and future designers is endless. In the year 2012, the average salary for a web designer was around $63,000.

Many website designers are freelancers and have built up their own client base. It’s one of the many options available to those who want to strike out on their own and be their own boss. Of course, dealing with clients and marketing yourself is not for everyone – for many people the security of working for others with those skills outweighs the benefits of being self employed.

In order to start a career in this growing field, it is highly recommended to have a bachelor’s degree in a computer related field. This could include computer science or information technology. It also helps to bring to the table your technical skills, such as graphic design and understanding aesthetics, and experience.

Building a portfolio of sites you have helped develop will make you all the more appealing to future clients or employers. There are also certifications you can earn, such as Certified Web Developer or Certified Internet Webmaster.

As a web designer, you’ll use HTML to turn an ordinary website that can be easily overlooked to one that is visually appealing to the reader. You will create a user interface through eye-catching graphics and possibly animated images.

You will determine which fonts and colors go together and how tot he layout of the site will be easy to go through for a user. Along with this, you will also work to make web pages accessibly for wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This career will require you to keep up with technological updates and new techniques. While this career field will require creative skills, it is also a business field.

By designing these sites, you are representing the company, business or brand. Whether you enter this field as an independent contractor or as an employee within a company, to do well, you will need to have good communication skills.

You will have to interact with clients, fellow employees, and your superiors (if you work in a design firm) expressing ideas and sometimes working with others. This field can also be competitive – it’s definitely not easy money! Your work is judged by the people who view the sites you create, so make sure you always do your best work, for you never know who your next employer might be and who might see your sites.

An ideal web designer is never quite satisfied, and is constantly working to make their next website better. Being somewhat of a perfectionist can be an advantage!

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Why I recommend Choosing a Creative Online Career that Improves People’s Lives.

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I have been meeting a lot more people lately who are making a living through online business.

One thing that has stood out to me is how much people enjoy being able to work on their own schedule, develop passive income streams and being able to live the digital nomad lifestyle if they so choose. It’s really a great thing that few people will experience.

I recently met a girl who has had some recent success with a blog where she writes some of her favorite topics like natural health with herbs, tonics and essential oils. She’s not formally trained in topics like aromatherapy but with a library card and a few blogs to read she’s been able to read all she needs to know to about using natural remedies to heal common ailments like varicose veins and cold sores

But not Everyone is that Into their Online Business

After meeting so many people I’ve also noticed is that not everyone is as passionate about their topic as others.

Of course the business model is working for them as they are making enough money to avoid finding regular jobs. But these people will often simply trudge through work that doesn’t interest them or outsource the majority of their work to others.

They don’t seem to be running their business because they love it. So when they discuss it it just comes across sounding like an uninteresting job to them. Which is unfortunate.

One of the great freedoms I see from having a computer and access to the internet is that you can take what you love to do and spread it with the world to benefit others.

This has enabled me to create a graphic design career and build up enough clients to choose gigs that I truly want to work on and contribute to. Because of this I truly love my job.

When I talk to people and hear their online success stories I’m sometimes reminded even more how lucky I am. They just don’t enjoy their craft. They work hard and play hard, no doubt, but work life and home life are drastically different worlds for them.

Trust that you can Succeed Online with your most Passionate Interests

Many people shy away from attempting to make a career online with their favorite pastimes because they don’t think there’s enough room for their brand online.

I always try to tell people that this just isn’t true.

The internet is full of all types of experts in pretty much every field. No matter which one you choose you will have to both do a great job covering the topic and providing a good product. You’ll also need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boring but lucrative topic or a highly interesting topic.

The bottom line is that you will have to do a ton of work to succeed with any online pursuit, so why not work on a topic that you really enjoy?

Once you make a solid income with your passion you’ll have the freedom to build your less interesting online enterprise ideas by outsourcing the project with the extra income you generate.

Hopefully this has motivated you to take a close look at your projects. If you’ve been feeling stifled by online career efforts then it might be time to switch things up and do what you love.

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5 Careers To Consider If You Want to Work Remotely (Online)

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Working from home is a growing trend, and with more and more reputable companies hiring remote employees, now is a great time to get started.

Take a look at these five different remote careers below:

Call Center Representative: There was a time when a customer called a company, he or she would reach the main office and speak to someone there. Then companies started creating call centers and hiring customer service representatives to field those calls. Now, the growing trend is the virtual call center, allowing employees to answer those calls from home.

Virtual call centers work by routing incoming calls to the employee’s phone, and remote workers receive a guide with the information they need to answer a customer’s question or resolve a problem they may have. All you need is a professional, positive phone voice and a quiet area to work from. Pay ranges from $7 to $15 per hour, and some companies offer incentive bonuses.

Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative, technical, creative or social media support to a client. Services such as VOIP and Skype have made it possible to hire a virtual assistant and have them answer the phone and provide a personal touch.

Clients could include companies or independent business owners looking for someone to take care of scheduling, email or travel arrangements, create or maintain a website, or even schedule their children’s doctor appointments. If you work for an agency, you can expect to earn about $10 per hour. However, if you work for a business directly, you can earn up to $30 per hour, and top VA’s can earn $60 per hour.

Document Translator: Are you fluent in a second language? Then working from home as a document translator could be right for you. The advent of the internet has given businesses the opportunity to reach customers worldwide, but language can be a barrier to effective communication.

Some of the languages in demand are Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. As a document translator, you can expect to earn about $12 per hour, however, if you are working with scientific or technical documents, you can earn as much as $40 per hour.

Interview Transcriber: Are you a fast and accurate typist? If so, working as an interview transcriber could be the right remote job for you. Writers and journalists often record hours of interviews, but they do not have time or desire to transcribe them, so they turn to remote workers for help.

Clients will email you a copy of the audio in a file, and all you need to do is listen carefully, type and send the completed transcript back. Depending on your computer, you may want to pick up a good pair of headphones so you can hear better. Earnings range from $5 to $40 per hour.

Online Content Writer: Many companies outsource content creation work to freelance writers. These types of workers are in large demand since new websites are born every day. Additionally, if you have specialized knowledge or valuable job experience, this is a way to take those skills and use them remotely. For instance, there are lots of writers online, but there are far fewer carpenters who can write well. There are sites on almost every topic out there and they need writers. Are you an exterminator? Find a pest control website and pitch them your knowledge.

You can access jobs by signing up with an agency or scanning the ads on a website, like The average pay for a full-time writer is $32,000 annually, however, you can earn as much as $66,000.

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How to Start Building Your Online Career

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The Internet is truly a very powerful media. It has become an everyday tool, as it is a great way for people to do tons of things. Today, the Internet serves as a resource for information, a way to communicate with others, and it even provides great ease and comfort by making it possible to do banking transactions in the comfort of your own home. So great is its usefulness that people find it difficult to think of a world without the Internet.

More than just making a lot of things such as banking convenient, the Internet is also a great place to earn money. If you look at social media, you will find people engaging in numerous businesses such as buying and selling items. Items sold can vary from everyday tools to items for hobby. If you are interested in selling hobby items, you can sell a number of things including bows such as the ones in astraightarrow. Archery is gaining popularity as a sport thanks to movies and video games celebrating this art. Selling bows would prove to be a lot easier than selling other items.

You can also build a career in the Internet. You can be a successful online language teacher, a freelance writer, and a lot of other things online. If this is something that interests you, here are three ways for you to start building your own online career:

  1. Identify the need
  2. Outsourcing has become a mainstream these days. Businesses, no matter the size are outsourcing their business processes in order to lower expenses. In the past, business process outsourcing was only done by huge companies and would usually come in the form of customer service. Today however, even small businesses are looking to hire virtual assistants.

    You can also find online schools that allow you to teach language to foreign students such as Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese. Online ESL teaching is a great job and a lot of people are making great careers out of it.

  3. What you can offer
  4. Identifying the need is not really difficult, the next thing you need to do is take a close look at yourself and identify what you can offer. Look at your skills and interests. Are you into writing? Do you have excellent communication skills? Are you good handling people? These questions are important for you to gauge which of the careers you can pursue and be successful.

    If you have good communication skills, you can be an excellent teacher or freelance writer. If you are good in handling people, you can be an excellent virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are actually administrative assistants to business owners. What made it unique is that you are only virtually present; you can do your work at home as long as you have Internet connection. Some VAs also go into selling different items from kitchen utensils to hobby items such as a great longbow or a mountain bike.

  5. Client search
  6. The last but definitely not the least is finding your client. This is usually the most difficult part because it involves selling yourself and waiting for prospect clients to respond on your initial communication. The key here is to build a relationship and impress your prospect client.

Building an online career can be challenging but also very rewarding.

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How To Make Real Money Online

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Want to know something that’s pretty shocking? 97% of internet marketers never make a cent online. I mention this simple fact because it has a lot of power. It has the power to completely discourage people who are not succeeding, and it also has the power to encourage those same people who are failing to learn, so that they can succeed. I love to talk about making money online. For that reason, I’m going to lend a hand to those that are looking to make money online.

In this article, I will teach you exactly how to make money with affiliate marketing, what it means to build Internet capital goods, and how it relates to entering that top tier of internet marketers who make money. When you finish reading this, you will have complete faith that you can succeed and you will understand exactly what it will take to do so.

For much of the information in this article, I reached out to Jared Lee, who runs Vibranium Internet Marketing. He helps businesses and individuals increase their online visibility and has some great strategies to be more successful from any internet marketing campaign. He’s even been successful in getting clients from some of the most competitive keywords on the internet like “San Diego SEO“, “SEO Services Springfield MO” and “Kansas City SEO Consultant” to name a few. You can find out more information about him by heading over to

So what are capital goods? You know that regular businesses purchase capital goods to increase production. You know that industrial businesses operate some of these capital goods to produce goods that they can then resell for profit. You know that capital goods can be land. They can be factories. They can be machinery. They can be people. . .

So how does this relate to marketing your affiliate program? It’s quite simple – in order to succeed, you must build a large pile of Internet capital goods and then use them to pull in customers and retain them.

Most affiliates do not understand this concept. They start out with a boilerplate gateway webpage (that everyone else who sells the same product also uses) and then they use that page in conjunction with paid advertising and hope for success. In almost every single case, they never make more than a couple sales, give up after 3 months at the absolute most, and then move on to the next opportunity.

If you do a simple analysis of successful affiliate program marketers (which, for practical reasons, will be easiest if you do it through websites), you will find that they either a) have purchased Internet capital goods and advertisement with a lot of money, or b) have an enormous amount of Internet capital goods. (You can test this yourself by checking the top listings in search engines for any keyword combination).

What does this mean for you? It means that you either a) are already rich and can purchase that land, factory, machinery, and workers immediately (website, product rights, advertisement, etc), or b) you need to start building these Internet capital goods or you are definitely going to fail within 3 months.

So how do you know what is and isn’t an Internet capital good? An Internet capital good is an item that, once you build or purchase it, will constantly add or create value for your business. This includes links, content, dynamic scripts, free tools that your targeted audience can use, and mailing lists that you can consistently offer your products to.

If you are not making an effort to build these Internet capital goods, you are the Internet equivalent of real life business that purchases frozen pizzas from the supermarket next door, heats them up in a microwave, and then tries to sell them. On top of that, your store has no napkins or condiments or tables or chairs or pizza boxes. Everyone must sit on and eat off of the floor. Would you want to purchase pizza there? No, you would get it at the supermarket frozen at a cheaper price, or you would go next door, where they make it and then bake it in an oven, where you could sit down at a table in a chair.

Take the time to understand this point: If you want to succeed, you absolutely must either have money to buy your land, store, table, chairs, and oven. Or, you must build them yourself.

Fortunately for internet marketers, you have a huge advantage over regular businesses. You can build all of these Internet capital goods. You do not need to pay for any of them.

You can build every Internet capital good I have mentioned above for no cost at all. And you will if you want to succeed on a limited budget. So setup your links. Make quotas and reach those quotas every week. Build content. Find legally reusable expert articles and add them to your website. Build pages that offer free tools to your customers. Use free advertising methods advertise this page as a useful stand-alone (which happens to be linked to your related website). Setup a free content ezine or marketing list that is related to your website. Register with free directories to get customers.

All of these Internet capital goods will not only draw customers to your business through a multitude of sources, but they will also retain customers that come to your website through free or paid advertisement by giving them the option to get free information or use free products.

As every marketing study has indicated, multiple impressions of a product increase a person’s chance of buying it–and multiple contacts with a salesperson increases the conversion rate. By retaining customers you will both increase the impression of your product and expose them to your sale copy, which will dramatically increase your conversion rates.

If you get nothing else out of this article, please remember this fact: the only way to successfully build and expand an Internet business is by building Internet capital goods and staying around until you have enough to constantly draw and retain customers. If you do not have the money to purchase these capital goods, start building them today for free or you will probably be ready to give up in about 3 months.

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How I Boosted My Income Online Last Month

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Hey guys. I got some pretty good news. Last month I doubled my income using the power of internet marketing.

So many of you know that I love fractal designs as a passion and I’ve primarily marketed myself as a fractal graphic designer over the last few years.

However, about 3 months ago, I had flown out to Ottawa, Canada for 2 weeks and I went to a few local events I found on for techie and design guys and I decided to check a few of them out.

I met a guy Mark, who’s an SEO Specialist in Ottawa and he opened by eyes to the power and potential in branding yourself online. After talking with him, I decide to take the route to market myself more broadly and to invest in SEO services. So some of the main key points that helped me double my income, and that I hope will help me continue to push my income further are the following.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization
I had always heard the term search engine optimization and many people talk about how great it is since you show up on the first page of Google for your keywords. And I guess I never really thought to much of it or really cared to dig in dept into learning it that much. However, while speaking with Mark, he showed me how he was able to double traffic and actually rank websites for some pretty competitive keywords.

So what I did was that I invested to have some SEO done on a few websites targeted for various cities with easy search competition for a “Graphic Designer” and through Marks help, I was able to rank for “Graphic Designer” in a variety of cities in the United States and Canada.

He also got me to put a toll free number on the website so people in both the United States and Canada would be able to call me free of charge.

Within about a month and a half, I was getting about 1-3 calls per day with people asking me for graphic design services. So that alone has actually pushed me to be a lot more busier these days since I now have an influx of leads coming in now.

My Process to Scale
Now because I’m so busy, I’m planning to start outsourcing a chunk of the work to designers overseas. I’ve not done this yet because I’m slightly hesitant because I fear the the quality of work I may get back. However, I put together a plan that I’ll be using to help me gradually outsource a chunk of my operations.

So here’s what the proposed plan I have in mind will be:

  1. Setup a Design Competition: This will be a competition where I get a few graphic designers to submit a work of art for a sample project I create on
  2. Create a shortlist: I’ll then go through all the work created and create a shortlist of the designers I found to be the best.
  3. Contract Projects: I’ll slowly start contracting about 1-3 small jobs at a time for each designer to see what exactly they are capable of doing.
  4. Monitor Quality: I’ll continuously monitor the quality of work to see their consistency.
  5. Hire Full-time: Once I’m comfortable with a handful of designers, I’ll hire them full-time on salary for about $300-500 USD/month.

Focus on the 20/80 Rule
When I have a small team of full-time outsourced staff which will be able to handle my smaller projects, I’ll put myself to focused on the 20% of projects, which are also my biggest projects, that contribute to 80% of my income. This will allow me to focus on and provide higher quality work for my higher end clients.

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Two Very Effective Ways to Start Making Money Online

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The internet has truly become a huge part of our everyday existence. Contrary to how we do things in the past, today we do everything online. We become part of a community and socialize with people over the internet through social media. Instead of going out to an actual store, we buy the stuff we need through online shops. Banks today have created ways to make banking easy for everyone by making themselves available online so that people can conduct banking transactions over the Internet.

As a result, we can also conduct business online. In our age today, there are tons of ways for one to make money online. Here are some very effective ways for you to start earning money online:

Build your own online shop

This may not be the easiest way to make money online but it proves to be very effective. This is particularly true if what you plan to sell is a product that can cater to the needs of people in your immediate network. The most common online shops today only use a Facebook page where the owner automatically promotes the product to his own network of friends in the site.

An online shop can be very effective with products that do not attract so many buyers if sold in an actual store. A good example is the best knife sharpener like the ones in Not a lot of people would buy them in an actual store; but if you have, in your immediate network, chefs and people who make use of knives in their daily work, then it could be a good product for your store.

Sell your skills online

We are living in an era where businesses are outsourcing part of their business process online. You can work online as an article writer, customer support agent or even a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is someone tasked to do a lot of things. Therefore it is important that you have an open mind because you need to learn a lot of things in a short time if you want to be a VA.

If you are good in making videos, you can sell this skill by offering to make videos for your client’s business. Let’s say your client’s business is selling knives and knife sharpeners. You can make a demo video on how to use pocket knife sharpener, like the one in this site, for him. Your client can use this video in promoting his business as well as educating his own buyers.

You can search online for sites where you can create profiles and look for people and business who are on the lookout for people with our skills. Working online is very rewarding as you would be doing things you are most comfortable with in the comforts of your own home.

The key to becoming successful in making money online is to be sensitive in what your interests are as well as the interests and needs of the people in your network of online friends. You also need to be patient. Online jobs and businesses are not always easy, but with perseverance and a willing attitude, you can make it work.

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The Online Identity: Freelancing in 2015

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Freelance online has come a long way from its humble origins. Today, maintaining a significant online presence is just as important as writing down an impressive resume. However, even if you have a LinkedIn profile it doesn’t provide security and you won’t get a job quickly. In fact, it may indicate that you don’t know what you’re doing online. The fact here is that with the number of social networks floating around online, it’s almost impossible to keep any privacy. But that isn’t a negative in any sense of the word. In fact, you can use it as an advantage in this world of ever growing online exposure. So if you need to grow your online reputation, here are a few tips you can start with.

Buying your main domain

Surprisingly enough, the first thing you might want to do when setting up your reputation is to buy your name as a website. It’s a great way to redirect Google searches regarding your name and what you do online. You can set up a portfolio, online resume, and even add a little extra fun while potential employers look you up. However, not everyone has a unique name; the name has probably been taken 5 times over by now after all. So, if this option’s not available to you, then continue on to the next tip.

Use LinkedIn more effectively

Okay, the little jab at LinkedIn above wasn’t necessary because this professional social network does have massive benefits if used well. For example; tons of people troll the massive amounts of profiles in the LinkedIn database, so becoming relevant on the site is important. Employers and clients alike often look around and try to meet professionals in real life as opposed to basing their interactions solely on text and voice chat. However, if IRL meet-ups are not possible, you can use Google Hangout or Skype to meet up with your prospective partner.

Google your name

This part should really be called damage control because Google is such a powerful tool that can ruin you if you don’t control your image immediately. No matter what you sell, whether it’s the best rice cookers or some other kind of cooking appliance, you will lose potential customers if they find that lewd picture of you on your Facebook page. So, make it a habit to Google yourself often. It may seem a little narcissistic, but it can help you keep everything under control in the long run. You can do this through the use of Google Alerts, which notifies you whenever your named is mentioned anywhere online.

These are just the basics of building your online reputation through preventative measures. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a site that caters to home appliances reviews like, your online reputation is now as important as ever. Building a portfolio is a bit more difficult, but it can be fun to do if you know how to impress your prospective employers.

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The Online Career

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Have you ever wanted to work from your home? I know that I have wanted to. Nowadays that can happen. There are a lot of jobs on the internet today. Having a career online is very common these days. I know a lot of people that do not know they can make money online. I will tell you a few ways you can. Having a career or making money online is not easy and will take a lot of work. It is very much like going to an office building and working. You have to have the discipline to work on your own time and carve out time during the day to accomplish daily tasks.

One option for working online is being a virtual assistant. This job title did not exist a few years ago. You can either work directly with your clients or with a staffing agency. This job requires people who are very organized. You will have to be organized if you are going to be in charge of someone else’s schedule. You also need to be good at time management. I am sure that you want more than one client so you will have to be able to balance your time with them. Also you need to be a “people” person. You are going to be working with and for other people. So I would think playing well with others is a must. You can make anywhere from $10-40 an hour.

Being an answering service employee is an another option. Many people who do this are at their home and they are probably still in their pajamas! Normally these are the after hours calling positions. Most employers are looking for cheerful and energetic people. I have a friend who works for a hosted PBX provider calledBroadconnect Telecommunications. She sells a lot of their products. You can earn anywhere from $10-15 an hour doing this job.

Being a content writer is another popular online job. You can make good money on the internet being one. A lot of companies will outsource work for their website and hire freelane writers. Look at how many websites are on the internet. There is a huge demand for content writers and you will have no trouble finding work in this field. So if you like to write, this is the gig for you. There is no set standard pay and it varies from company to company.

Having an online career can happen for you. It may take some time to learn the ropes. It can be worth it though. My cousin has an online career. He works from his house. He sets his own hours. By him working at home, he saved himself a lot of money. He had a leak in his basement. He was home so it did not do as much damage as it could have if he hadn’t been home. He is happy because having a mold remediation company like Flooded NY water damage company would have cost a lot of money. He was glad he saved money by being at home and catching this before it became a disaster.

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Be an Online Archery Mentor and Earn Money

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You can now earn money as an archery mentor by just opening up an online business.

If you are a professional archer and you have been in this field for a long time, it might be high time for you to share what you know to other people. This means that you can now start mentoring people. However, you can do it for a certain price. In doing this, you help other people and at the same time, you also get money out of it.

It is not easy to be a mentor, but when you have been in this field for a long time, you can organize your thoughts and be able to help others. The bigger issue here is on how you can find clients to help you out. If you really want to get a lot of clients, then the best thing that you can do is to offer your services online. In doing so, you can reach out to a much bigger audience. You can even train people from other country.

Online mentorship

You might think that being an online mentor for archery is impossible. Well, it is not true. In fact, you can still be a mentor even if all transactions are done online. Take note that archery is not just a physical sport. It is also a mental challenge. You need focus and concentration. This is something that you can teach even if you are away from your students. Besides, you can make online demonstrations. You can show them how to do the right moves via Skype. You can also record your tips and upload in in YouTube. They can follow your advice easily if you do so.

Organize your business

The first thing that you need to do is to get all your possible resources. Make sure that you are organized. If your students ask questions, you need to know the answer. You must have books or even videos with you. You should also list all the tricks that you have used professionally that worked. The next thing to do is to create a website that will be your main site. This is where you will upload the necessary information about your business and this is where you can be contacted.

Once you are done with the website, you can now advertise your site online. You can now share to other sites the link to your website or maximize social media. As long as you can get maximum exposure, go ahead and do it.

Once your business has already taken off, you can now use the money to improve your business or even hire people to work for you. You might also invest on new crossbows. By then, you can learn different tricks using different models. This will increase your ability to be a good mentor. You can buy the best and latest models, but you should first check Recurve Bow Reviews at Reading reviews will help you come up with a great choice in the end. It might take time for this business to really succeed, but it can be very fulfilling in the end.

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Platforms That Can Help Launch Your Graphic Design Career

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If you are a budding graphic designer wanting to have that break to boost your career, you have to be at the right place and time when the right opportunity knocks. The same is true if you are a graphic designer who has been around for quite a while and now purposefully looking for that dream project that would capture your heart and mind once again. Luckily with the help of technology you can be in several places at any given hour with just a few clicks on your laptop keys. Looking for a job or project is now easier with the help of websites dedicated to showcasing career opportunities and dream projects for graphic designers, web designers, animation artists and illustrators. Determined to find a project ASAP? Check out these websites.

  • AIGA or American Institute of Graphic Arts has been around since 2001 and has matched its talented pool of job seekers who trusted their site to over 10,000 jobs in different companies and agencies around the United States including Amazon, Interbrand, MTV Network, Nokia, Bloomberg and Facebook.
  • Authentic Jobs is a platform that has been around for almost ten years having been created in 2005. They have helped creative professionals find jobs in reputable companies like Apple, Facebook, The New York Times, ESPN and Estee Lauder. The websites’s filter controls help you narrow down your job preferences with ease and save them in your account.
  • Behance is one of the leading portfolio platforms that allow you to showcase your work and find work in creatives. Check out their creative job board, they may have what you have long been looking for.
  • Coroflot has over 2,000 creative company profiles in their site. For job hunters convenience, job listings in this site are filtered by job level categories and areas of specialty. Coroflot also provides salary information gathered from creative professionals worldwide which you can use as a guide in salary negotiations.
  • Designer Observer is a platform that instantly shares or distributes job postings made in their site to other known design websites that are part of their design employment network.
  • Dribble allows you to share screenshots of your work, process and ongoing projects with your fellow artists. Dribble boasts being the “go-to platform for exploring and connecting with creatives all over the world.”
  • Krop is portfolio hosting website that also has a creative industry job board.  In Krop you can build your own portfolio website in just a matter of minutes using the platform’s customizable themes. Creatives at all levels and respected global brands use this site
  • Simply Hired showcases graphic design job listings from various options. The website has filter options so you can easily zero in on jobs that appeal to you and skipping those that do not. This site also has a blog that offers different tips and advice for job hunters everyday.

The sites just mentioned may have the job or project you have long been looking for. Similar to the task of finding the perfect boots for your riding activities, you should take time to check out these career opportunities. And good luck in finding that gem of a project soon.

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